Monday, April 5, 2010

I spent a good part of the day yesterday at CCA's [California College of the Arts] open studios for potential grad students, since I've been accepted into the Masters of Architecture program there and intend to enroll this fall. I found myself filtering much of what I was hearing through the lens of my experience with our developing organization and wondering how my MArch education at CCA will enhance my work with our mission as an organization. There were many areas where I saw a dovetailing of purpose with our real world work and the academic pursuits of the CCA School of Architecture. One example: Last year students from CCA's architecture and design program entered the Solar Decathalon jointly with engineering students from Santa Clara University and created the Refract House. The design is one that is potentially low cost and sustainable while being simple and elegant. Although it incorporates some hi-tech and, at this juncture, costly elements to drive its energy efficiency, it is nonetheless exciting to see academic design institutions involving themselves in real world concerns using holistic approaches. Our goal is to find solutions that make high performance, good design available to all, in collaboration and conversation with communities and organizations that want and need that design.

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