Sunday, February 7, 2010

Site Studies Package completed for ArtHouse / ArtsDeCo!

It's great to work with partners who understand your initiatives and believe in your efforts.

This past week, our design group submitted a Site Studies Package to ArtHouse / ArtsDeCo to give objective site information for use in a later feasibility study. This will determine proper site occupancy and strategic uses for the built environment to come. It was a large undertaking, since most of us have full-time jobs while balancing the rest of our lives. All in all, three people totalled over 100 hours - periodically working on the project over the last two months...sounds like a long time to work, but OH, how time flies!!!

One thing I'm trying to learn through this continuous project is how to balance life/work/extras. Though many strive and complete this balance, I am a "one-track minded" person who must finish a task before completing another. Thankfully, I've had motivated people alongside me, whom without we would not have completed what we did.

Special thanks to members Frances Reid and Beth Moore. Let's continue this project with meaning and vigor!

Thanks to the group - your continual interest, love, and creativity ceases to amaze me.

Extra special thanks to Brendan Dunnigan, John Wong, and ArtHouse...I cannot wait to see where this pursuit takes us.

With great excitement through humble project beginnings,

Jason Harm

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