Thursday, December 24, 2009

year end update

Hey, Blog-O-Sphere, I know it has been a while since you've heard from us here at fDC. We've been doing a lot of internal tinkering, ensuring that we function like a real collective instead a hodgedy podgedy mish mash shmoopy whoopy of friends and colleagues who are working together to make a difference in our community.

Some might say we've become more rigid in our tasks (and now have fewer baby talk words to describe our working order), but I say we're becoming more stream-lined and highly efficient. The organization is as follows:

There are six committees and each committee chair is automatically a member of the steering comittee, who makes large picture decisions for the organization and the budget. Chair positions last for the year, but there will be a 3 month review (March 2010), where it is a possibility that chair position and general tasks might be rotated or altered or deleted.

Congratulations to our 2010 Chairpersons/Steering Committee!
  1. Internal Operations, chairman Jason Harm
  2. Project Operations, chairwoman Alison Woolf
  3. Development & Education, chairman Matt Jasmin
  4. Marketing, chairwoman Katie Crepeau
  5. Outreach, chairwoman Sarah Appleman
  6. Lifeboat, chairwoman (and sole member) Frances Reid
Now, since the heads of these committee also make up the majority of our membership, each committee head has a partner otherwise known as their "sherpa."

This is what Sherpas usually look like (photo on the left):

Now, I must admit that we as sherpas don't quite look the same - our wood is bigger, heavier, more impressive - we have arranged our team leaders and sherpas to create a network of leadership and team work which should improve our activities. This network is a mixture of formal organizational structure and our hodgey podgey mish mash shmooshy whooshy that separates us from the rest.

Volunteer positions for committees will be opening up soon! All sherpa positions have been filled.

Check back for further descriptions of committee purposes and goals.

Many thanks to Ronak Dave for mentoring us through this organization process.

happy holidays. merry winter. be well in the new year.

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